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Chow Chow food brands and feeding portion

Posted: Wed Sep 30, 2020 2:49 pm
by TifaChow
Hi Guys,

What Food brand (available in Canada) are you guys feedings and what are the reviews and recommendations?

This topic has been probably been discussed for decades.

I'm only digging myself a hole and getting confused the more and more research i do.
i have heard and reviewed many different brands available in Canada.
the more popular brands i seen and heard of is
Acana, Blue Buffalo, Wellness , Orijen, Taste of the Wild, Performatrin, Merrick, Solid Gold and etc.

My Puppy(female Chow) currently is 13 weeks, but was only weighing 16lbs at 3 months.
i been told by many that she is underweight.
i also have a friend who has a chow chow pup( male Chow) from the previous litter, same mother and father.
was weighing in at 27 lbs at 3 months.

we are currently in transition from performatrin (what the breeders had her on) to taste of the wild.

after mixed reviews, i am wanting opinion/experiences on considering recommendations on the following brands : Acana, blue buffalo, Orijen Wellness and Solid Gold.

I have also read many things about protein and fat values to consider, but have heard mixed reviews on it being good/bad.

Biggest concern i heard for Acana and Orijen is the High crude protein content/value.( agian, not sure if high protein is good or bad ) have heard that orijen is good and the protein is good for growing puppy.

Blue buffalo- quality, many recalls.

Wellness and Solid gold - overall no bad review or concern. is there any?

Second part- feedings guide, i realize that each brand has different feeding guides and the amounts can vary drastically.
what are you guides feeding, weight to cups for 3 month puppy?

thank you in advance.

Re: Chow Chow food brands and feeding portion

Posted: Sun Jun 25, 2023 7:27 am
by Kaylaa1988
Hi I know this was a while ago... just wondered what food you went with? My chow is full of hotshots constant itching I need a good food as I know its definitely her diet