Chow Chow food brands and feeding portion

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Chow Chow food brands and feeding portion

Post by TifaChow »

Hi Guys,

What Food brand (available in Canada) are you guys feedings and what are the reviews and recommendations?

This topic has been probably been discussed for decades.

I'm only digging myself a hole and getting confused the more and more research i do.
i have heard and reviewed many different brands available in Canada.
the more popular brands i seen and heard of is
Acana, Blue Buffalo, Wellness , Orijen, Taste of the Wild, Performatrin, Merrick, Solid Gold and etc.

My Puppy(female Chow) currently is 13 weeks, but was only weighing 16lbs at 3 months.
i been told by many that she is underweight.
i also have a friend who has a chow chow pup( male Chow) from the previous litter, same mother and father.
was weighing in at 27 lbs at 3 months.

we are currently in transition from performatrin (what the breeders had her on) to taste of the wild.

after mixed reviews, i am wanting opinion/experiences on considering recommendations on the following brands : Acana, blue buffalo, Orijen Wellness and Solid Gold.

I have also read many things about protein and fat values to consider, but have heard mixed reviews on it being good/bad.

Biggest concern i heard for Acana and Orijen is the High crude protein content/value.( agian, not sure if high protein is good or bad ) have heard that orijen is good and the protein is good for growing puppy.

Blue buffalo- quality, many recalls.

Wellness and Solid gold - overall no bad review or concern. is there any?

Second part- feedings guide, i realize that each brand has different feeding guides and the amounts can vary drastically.
what are you guides feeding, weight to cups for 3 month puppy?

thank you in advance.
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Re: Chow Chow food brands and feeding portion

Post by Kaylaa1988 »

Hi I know this was a while ago... just wondered what food you went with? My chow is full of hotshots constant itching I need a good food as I know its definitely her diet
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