What's everyone feeding?

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Re: What's everyone feeding?

Post by Dolci,princess »

I am new here But i have had 3 Chows to date,
Have only kept them as family members never used them for breading.
Just as loyal friends, im a bit special.
i take my chow everywhere with me. shes not welcome i dont go.
Now my old girl has been on all diets from dry meal to natural only diets.
The natural diet caused many problems with Dolci, Always hungry and weight gaining. We tried about 5 different types on recommendation for Chows.
So we left that one and now she is on a basic Vitalin royal with Fish additives that we put in. Different fish daily from Cod to Salmon.
I also add vegetable oils as a supplement and this keeps her coat shiny and good condition
So some times simple is best for some
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Re: What's everyone feeding?

Post by perriejinnie »

Whether it is Chow or just any breed of dog, being a pet owner you may love to treat it every now and them with some healthy snacks. Here are some of the best dog treats you can offer your Chow Chow without being worried about their health.
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