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Luna(13 weeks) won’t take to the women in our house

Posted: Sun May 21, 2023 4:22 am
by Darian
So, I recently got a new chow chow puppy on Friday. She has taken to me(30m) very well since the moment we met, kisses and happiness 100% of the time I’m around. To which my surprise once I expressed my concerns to the previous owner he said her mother hates the women in his life, she was raised around that behaviour and I’m scared it’ll stick.

I have two girls and a wife at home, I fear that if I can’t shake this we may have to go another route.

I owned a chow for most of my childhood and I remember him taking well to everyone in the house rather quickly, he was shy and timid for a while but never snappy and growls. As is Luna with my family, even when gently approaching her or waiting for her to come to them(with me present).

She won’t go near them for the most part and runs to me or under our dining room table when they’re near.

I’ve tried interacting with my daughters and wife in a loving way in front of her and getting her to be patient when we have one of them at a time come to her to attempt getting to know one another. But as of now, treats or no treats, my wife cannot get a genuine interaction out of her.

I’m hoping there’s some gentle way of getting her to open up to them, I think she would be a great addition to our family but fear her upbringing may cause a halt in such things.