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Denali 2005-2018

Posted: Thu Mar 17, 2022 5:19 am
by wrat
My little black girl the best bad dog ever I found her online at the humane society this pic is when I first saw her, she was young around a year or so and the majority of that was spent in cages and kennels, she was turned into the pound as a very young puppy very sick with the dog flu that was going around at the time she was scheduled to be put down but for some reason the humane society rescued this very sick pup and nursed her back to health and she spent the next 9 months at the humane society where she had little to no interest because she was a black chow mix who had the tendency to jump six feet into the air STRAIGHT UP, my wife was terrified she would destroy the house , we took her to basic obedience which I chronicled here, the one thing that Denali loved more than ANYTHING was to run it was a something to see she would get low to the ground and become this blur of black fuzz and white eyes, I could and did have conversations with her she would change barks, tone and inflection it was amazing she was a character she did not like strangers and really did not like kids or teenagers .. the decision to let her go was one of if NOT the hardest thing I ever had to do...more stories later
RIP Denali (little black dog) (best bad dog ever)
12/05 - 8/25/18