UK Chow Owners- Help!!

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UK Chow Owners- Help!!

Post by KayaChow22 »

We got Kaya at 5 months old and with very little background info on her.
She is now nearing 11 months and she has done nothing but itch.
I have flea treated her, she has terrible tear stains, and itches her feet and has knawed at her back end and there is now a hot spot i am treating for the second time in the same place.

I have bought grain free and from reading this site avoided chicken, so gone for duck and rice or lamb and rice. I have tried wainrights grain free and I think even a rice free version with potatoes etc, and she is still one itchy dog.

Ive been giving her antihistamine tablets to try and help but want to get to the bottom of her itching and avoid the root cause hopefully.
There are some great posts on here regarding dog foods, but alot of them are USA based and unavilable here, although ive just looked and orijen, acana and taste of the wild can be bought offline (albeit a bit astronomical prices, but still would rather go this route than going to the vets, at least to begin with)

What do UK Chow Chow owners feed their dogs please id love to know, particularly ones whose dogs have similar allergies?

At my wits end!
Thanks Kas
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Re: UK Chow Owners- Help!!

Post by Kaylaa1988 »

Hi I'm having the same problem with my chow she's 16 month old and she's just getting worse. I do put her inflatable collar on to stop her chewing herself but as soon as its of she starts again. Did u get anywer with finding a solution? Thanks kayla
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