Excessive Sniffing and Chest Fur Loss

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Excessive Sniffing and Chest Fur Loss

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Hello everyone

My 1st post here and hoping you lovely lot can help me.

My boy, Ozzy, is a 2.5 year old black chow. He really is excellent but very very quiet and has always liked to be left alone. Never one for playing, hes very very chilled.
However, the past 6 months ive noticed he has been having episodes of excessive sniffing around the house, especially when something spooks him (such as someone coming into the house and he cannot see them immediately until they open the door) this excessive sniffing episode can last about 15 minutes and there is no calming him down, no interest in treats or a fuss, he will sniff and sniff. He tries to sit down but gets back up to sniff some more and occasionally this turns into a licking episode. I feel its anxiety and sometimes he gives off a terrible smell whilst doing this too.

Ive also noticed the past month that hes lost quite a bit of fur just from his chest, nowhere else, his skin looks clear with no rash or discoloration.

This is not separation anxiety as it only happens when im home, i have cameras to keep an eye on him during the day and he just sleeps all day with no issues at all.

Any advice or experience greatly appreciated!

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