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Looking to adopt chow

Posted: Mon Aug 03, 2020 3:02 pm
by sjtwomey
We just lost our girl, age 14, two weeks ago. We ended up adopting her from this forum 11 years ago and now we’re hoping for another successful adoption story! We are hoping to find someone looking to rehome their chow in the southeast. We have had 2 chows so are comfortable with them and aware of their upkeep and personalities.

Re: Looking to adopt chow

Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2020 11:12 am
by jkat
I just posted mine for adoption, just waiting for the post to be approved. Unfortunately she's not purebred, she is about 1/4 lab, but most people don't realize that - she looks and acts like a Chow. She's 5 years old, uses a dog door, incredibly smart and very sweet. Loves people. The reason we are rehoming is because within the past year she hasn't gotten along with two of our other dogs in the house - she's somewhat aggressive with them - and we have to keep them permanently separated (we've gone through vets, behaviorists, trainers, etc because we really didn't want to rehome - we love this girl so much!!). She has no issues getting along with humans or with her brother, who we also have. So she either needs to be the only pet in the home, or we would be willing to rehome her with her brother if someone wanted 2 Chows, and we found the right match. He is a bit more standoffish toward strangers and men, he can be a bit more barky, but will warm up over time (he has a bit of fear / anxiety toward new people). They have both been through extensive training programs, socialized since puppies, so are very well trained, they do still pull a little on a leash though (but they love walks!!). I am unfortunately in Arizona, but have family in the southeast and would be willing to road trip her (or both dogs, if wanted) out for a meet and greet, and would be willing to come back and get them if things didn't work out. Let me know if you're at all interested. If not, I understand, and good luck in your search!