4 months male puppy biting

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4 months male puppy biting

Post by Leothechow » Mon Mar 22, 2021 5:18 am

Hello everyone,

So i got a male chow puppy few days back and he is 4 months old now. Obviously Leo is learning all basic obedience commands super fast ans is generally calm and quiet like most chows. But there are few very major issues that I am facing with him and unable to find a solution to them.

Requesting all members to kindly advise.

1. May it be excitement OR anger, he bites too hard. Grabs my feet if I walk away or my hands/arms if I am kneeled down.

2. He does not let anyone touch him too much, not even me. He grabs the hand and bites hard enough that skin tears off and bleeds.

3. When I come home after few hours, he comes all excited and starts biting and grabbing my feet with his mouth. Upon moving to avoid, he runs towards me and bites aggressively.

4. He dominates every pup/adult dog that he meets. And they back off but he doesnt.

I am worried as his biting has reduced over the days due to training and specialisation sessions but the biting still exists. And as he grows, the teeth will become stronger and I have a higher risk.

Just for information - He is least bothered/interested in strangers. All this dominance and tantrums are for me only.

He had food aggression which ive controlled completely.
He knows all basic commands nicely.

Please help!

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