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Hello! Our First Post!

Posted: Mon May 18, 2020 1:19 pm
by kellijean85
We are new to this forum and this is our first post. We have a 1 year old Male Chow Chow named Bear. We got him from a registered breeder when he was 8 weeks old. His Dad is a Blue/Silver Chow and his Mom is a Creme Chow. He has beautiful coloring! In the summer/warm weather & sun he looks more like a cinnamon, and in the cooler weather looks more Ashy with cooler tones. We absolutely love him and it has been a great experience so far!
We both had experience with larger dogs before, although not so much with more protective breeds. We did a TON of research before getting him so we knew what we were getting and what to expect, although now after having him for the first year here, I don’t think any amount of research can really fully prepare someone for this breed. He has most certainly kept us on our toes!!
I am looking for recommendations on how you guys have learned to deal with aggression towards strangers. Nothing seems to be working with him. We’ve done all the right things or so we thought. We got him right into obedience training which he actually did very well at! He does great on a leash and with following basic commands. We’ve taken him everywhere!! Pet stores, walks, parks, family...ect ect ect..he has gotten tons of exposure to people, kids, and experiences. He has even had his first boat ride and cabin trip! He is very sweet and loving and does great with positive reinforcement. For whatever reason despite all of it, he is still very questionable with strangers. He is very much like our large parrots actually. He picks and chooses who he likes...he loves my Mom when she visits...but my step Dad not so much. He is typically great with my daughter (she is 9)as well and loves to play with her but he sometimes gets too aggressive and we have to talk to her about how to play appropriately with him. When it’s just us at home hanging out-he is the greatest most loving & loyal dog in the world..cuddly and playful like any other dog. But when anyone else is involved it gets very tricky. You just never know how he is going to react. & I hate to say it, but for my daughters Birthday, we did use a Baskerville muzzle because you just can’t be too cautious with him. I know many people frown upon the use of them, so please no judgements...I just would never forgive myself if he bit someone other than us and we had to put him down. You hear that happening way too often. So we just want to be safe for him and for others. We live in a circle. Once he got used to everyone who lived in the circle too...he completely tolerates their presence & doesn’t bark or growl at anyone who lives in it. But if the UPS guy, or just simply others walking through, or anyone comes up our walk way...he loses his mind! So we are always watching when he is out and are sure to let him in as soon as he starts to bark because we don’t want him attacking the delivery guy or gal! He is just unpredictable even after all the socializing & obedience training.
Then, last night while picking up my daughter on the way back from the cabin he bit me for the very first time ever & I was afraid of my own dog :( I think I know exactly why it happened. He was in the back seat of the truck with the window rolled down slightly. After a whole week of not seeing him, my daughter was so excited to see him that she stuck her fingers through the crack in the window. He very quickly and aggressively growled and went for them, luckily he didn’t get them. We opened the front door to climb into the front of the truck and he immediately went after her trying to jump over the seat. In an aggressive attacking way...not his typically playful, I’m excited to see you way. I was able to calm him down and he sniffed her and recognized her voice and eventually was ok but would not sit down. So I began to push him back into the back seat, and he bit my hand leaving quite the puncture wound. He has never even attempted to bite me before. It happened so quickly and suddenly too. :( I’m pretty sure it all stemmed from the excitement of her sticking her fingers through the window. He couldn’t see her, wasn’t expecting her and was in total guard mode. It through the whole vibe off. I’m not too upset with him now. But I am also very worried. As Chow owners, we understand the breed and know how to read them and know that they are protective...but other people & strangers, & kids do not always know this and they are just too stinking cute to stay away from. So I am struggling with how to respect both my Chow, Bear...& keep others safe at the same time. We have a family camping trip coming up soon and it will be the first trip with many people for many days and other dogs as well. I’m so hoping it goes well but am also very worried. He truly is a wonderful loving dog, but he is also unpredictable with strangers and that can be dangerous when others are around.
Anyone have any advice or tips that may help. I see most everyone say they have the sweetest most living Chows who would never hurt anyone. Here we are, thinking we did all the research and everything right to raise our Bear that way as well, but it just isn’t going as smoothly. It is for the most part with just our cute loving little family...but not so much when we go beyond that.

Re: Hello! Our First Post!

Posted: Sat May 23, 2020 5:03 pm
by everomero
How much was your doggy and what breeder was it :)

Re: Hello! Our First Post!

Posted: Wed Aug 12, 2020 12:48 am
by meanblackchow
Just wondering how much exercise the chow chow gets, and if it's on a regular basis, contrary to what some people say they are not lazy couch potatoes they need long walks and exercise, just figure they were originally used for herding and as a guard dog, that takes effort. How does the fur baby get along with other dogs?

My curent guy is somewhat similar to yours in temperament towards people though I don't get the "mindless" anger you describe, I find with strangers it's best to let them meet him at a distance and talk to him, then after a few times he seems for inclined to interact with them. Most people with all my chows want to walk right up to them and just pet them on the top of the head and maybe hug him, this doesn't work.

Like you said the dog is only 1 year old give it time if your so inclined.

Re: Hello! Our First Post!

Posted: Fri Oct 16, 2020 11:51 pm
by Kanesmith35
Hey, I am new member here. I am Les from US