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first post!

Posted: Sat Nov 16, 2019 5:45 pm
by Mason_and_dukie
hello all! I have a 2 and a half year old chow/samoyed mix named dukie! hes mostly chow from what i can tell. has the manerisms, the look, and the coarse fur, but hes more slim like a sammy.

i came here looking for a muzzle that works best for that short chowchow snout, but i figured it would be better to explain the situation and see what you all have to say.

so i got dukie as a sort of rescue deal. (it was a "dog sit him or he goes to the pound" type deal, so naturally i ended up keeping him) and he was never socialized with dogs or people. hes extremely sweet when hes comfortable around people, and i THOUGHT he was good with bigger dogs, but lately hes gotten extremely aggressive with my parents golden retriever.

neither dukie or the golden are fixed, but they did live with each other for a few months and usually played very well. i ended up moving out a few months ago, and now dukie goes for his neck and shakes like hes trying to kill him. i dont understand where this aggression came from, when it didnt exist before! i plan on getting him fixed, but i still want them to be civil in the meantime.

for the record, the golden doesnt have a care in the world about being king of the house. he isnt dominant, and has been submissive to dukie, who doesmt seem to care and wants to attack. whats my proper approach here? i know the idea of treats when he sees the golden to associate good with him, and not to punish because that will bring the association of bad with the golden. they used to be friends, what happened??

Re: first post!

Posted: Mon Feb 10, 2020 12:56 pm
by chow315
HI I DONT KNOW AND IT SOUNDS LIKE A BAD PLACE TO ME. maybe dukie is afraid the golden retiever will take you away from him. i took in a chow that was never socalized. we had him about 2 years.he was very aggressive and bit us bloody alot.we tried to take him to the vet. he had not had any shots or anything since he was a tiny puppy.even with sedatives and 5 people the vet could not get close enough to treat him. he was like this most of the time. i think it was fear. well he got sick took to vet they could not diagnose buecause could not close.they gave us anti biotics we prayed for the best but he died in his sleep