Hi from Whiskey and Traci

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Hi from Whiskey and Traci

Post by Whiskeys Mom » Fri May 17, 2019 5:15 pm

Hi, I'm Traci and I have a 18 month old boy named Whiskey.

We are on the long road of dealing with bilateral CCL tears and his eye was injured during one CCL surgery (vets office won't admit, but it was fine before surgery) and it got very swollen and irritated. Had to have entropin surgery on the one eye. So much for such a young boy, but his breeders have been super supportive and excellent resource through out. We started showing, but stopped when he had to have the eye surgery.

Still he is the light of my life. He loves to play with his yorkie brother, going on walks, getting attention from all the neighborhood kids (he loves little kids). He is a "boofy" boy, that's what my kids call the happy chuffing he does. He will bounce straight up and down when family comes home and falls asleep when he's being groomed.

Top picture hanging out on his favorite piece of furniture. Bottom picture he was tired but determine we would not sneak out to the garage without him. He loves car rides!
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