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Posted: Sun Mar 24, 2019 12:03 pm
by ohsobrutal

New chow owner + new forum member! I got my first chow last year- now 7 mos old black open faced boy! He's sitting at 37 pounds right now (I think that's average?) and still has his babyface and short legs. He's even got his own instagram @Osohebrutal, it's been really fun to manage. This dog's been an absolute dream to work with! My mother's had 3 chows before, is very close with chow rescuers, and says mine is the goofiest she's ever met lol. About to enter training to become a dog trainer and I'm super excited! Hoping to land a mentor who specializes in stubborn breeds (fingers crossed!) because I'm definitely going to get another chow later on down the road.

Looking forward to interacting with everyone <3