HELLO! I'm new! :)

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HELLO! I'm new! :)

Post by pablothechowchow » Wed Nov 14, 2018 2:47 am

Good Evening, Chow Forum!

I'm new to dog training. I'm fostering my sister's chow named Pablo. He's 7 months now but I only got him with me a month ago. I am fully aware of what characteristics and behavior of the breed.

I also have a 4 year old candidate for service dog very sweet lab mixed mutt named Shiva, but she's with my dad right now. I never got problems with Shiva, I do what an owner should do. Feed the dog, walk the dog, socialize the dog, learn and read about dog's behavior and how to be a responsible owner, and of course, give the dog lots of love! I never had special training with her. Just the reward-system.

My problem now is Pablo. That's why I joined this forum. So far he already bit 2 people. First is my friend who I tried to introduce him with leash, Pablo is very calm and wagging his tail then my friend pet him then out of the blue he jumped and bit her! I wasn't expecting that and didn't react fast enough. Second is our helper(just this Morning!). I wasn't around that time. My mom told me she forgot that Pablo isn't on his cage, when our helper entered our house, Pablo just rushed in into our her. My Mom's exact words was "Pablo was so vicious".

Pablo never showed aggression to the people around the house, He's VERY SWEET to us. I read a lot of the forums post similar to Pablo's problem. I never expect how Chows are like this :( Is it true that chows are more aggressive? very protective to it's owners? stubborn? hard to train?

I really love Pablo. I want to learn more about tips on how to handle a chow. I want Pablo not to be feared and be a good dog. I hope you all understand me. :cry:
Pabpab :)
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