New Member/ Tashi needs a hip replacement?

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New Member/ Tashi needs a hip replacement?

Post by kathycastrataro » Wed Feb 28, 2018 6:12 am

I am a new member,
and what brought me here, is that my ChowChow needs another hip replaced..her first hip was replaced
at one years she is seven and needs the other done..for some reason I'm just not feeling like
its what I want her to go through at this age..I did see the xrays and shows arthritis around the ball joint
and looks like bone against bone..ouch..but she does not show pain..must be the breed..and trying anti inflamatory
drung right now..with supplement..and also a powder by bil jack called Break threw..sp? anyways I guess what
I need to know is she going to go lame down the road or should I get the hip replaced asap..want to do the right
thing...and not want her in anypain...thankyou for reading and any comments I am thankful for...

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