Chloe On My Mind

Remember our beloved Chow Chows that have passed on.

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Chloe On My Mind

Post by reddog » Sun Jan 26, 2014 7:07 am

I woke up this morning with thoughts of Chloe running through my mind. It was 3 years ago today that my beautiful red 15 yr. old Chloe left my side and crossed over the Rainbow bridge. :( As I write this tears are running down my cheeks.

Today is a cloudy, snowy day. The day I rescued/adopted Chloe it was a day just like today. I usually name a new pet after the type of day or weather we have on the day I rescue them. I decided to change her name from “Princess” which was her name then and call her Chloe - combining cloudy & snowy. The day she left me to cross over the Rainbow Bridge the weather was also cloudy and snowy. Funny how little things like that stick in a person’s mind - or maybe just in mine.

She was so much a part of my life. She had been abused and abandoned prior to me rescuing her from our local humane society when she was 2 yrs. old. In due time with patience, nurturing, bunches of love and good old-fashion spoiling she evolved into a great dog and my “bestest” friend, companion and confident. Where ever I was at home, inside/outside, upstairs or down she was there. She was my second skin. The two of us had a lot of fun times together and made a good team. :)

It’s hard to put into words the feelings I have for her in my heart. I may have rescued her but she also rescued me. I feel so blessed to have had her in my life and am so thankful for the multitude of memories of the life and times we shared that are stored in the memory box of my mind. Every now and then one pops up and makes me smile or chuckle or brings tears to my eyes.

Even though she is gone from me physically, I feel her spirit close to me. It was her spirit that nudged me to search for another chow to rescue and give it a good home like she had. I came across this website and low and behold I found Whitby here. Thank you Chloe

Chloe / Baby Dog, I love you and miss you so-o-o much!

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Re: Chloe On My Mind

Post by Rococo » Mon Jan 27, 2014 6:04 pm

This just brought tears to my eyes. :( I had a little one who also crossed over the Rainbow Bridge last year, and it still hurts. I'm so glad you found Whitby!

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