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My Jack Black

Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2013 5:53 pm
by jaxsun_12
Been a very very long time since i have even been on to check on everyone. Its with a very sad heart that i tell you that our amazing wonderful loving guardian, Jack Black, has crossed the rainbow bridge. He suffered from a permanent back injury in august and we knew it was only a matter of time before he zoomied to hard or played to hard with his Rottweiler sister, that it would get worse. Our vet had informed us that because of the seriousness of the injury, the only thing that could fix it would maybe be a very expensive surgery. After a long spring time walk on monday, jack layed down in the path and didnt wanna get back up because his back legs were sore. we took him home and he layed down and just didnt wanna get back up all night. he would, but he couldnt tell where his back legs were. He was in pain. we could both see it. no way would he dare show us. he never showed pain. pain is weakness and jack was anything but weak. The vet told me today that the "maybe" surgery would be our last option. no way was i putting him through something like that only to have it be a maybe. I miss him already. I was with him till the end. held him in my arms and stroked his soft little face, kissed his purple nose and told him i loved him and he could finally rest. I miss you my jack.....

To my dearest Jack Black,
You would have done anything to protect us, and ONLY us, your family. You'll never know what that meant to us. You were there from the beginning, through everything with us. The good times, and the bad. Always there to give a but wiggle or a zoomie to make us giggle. And your zoomies? LEGENDARY! We will never understand how you could manoeuvre so gracefully at mach speeds, only clipping us maybe once or twice in 6.5 years. good record i think! As annoying as it was at 5am, or when ever we would pull up the the yard, or when you thought you heard a sound, or when the neighbours moved inside their own house, i will miss the sound of your bark. Your little happy grunts will be remembered and used with Nucks always. Your out refusal to even look at lowly "dog" treats, knowing that you were much to special for a treat suitable for just any other dog. No you demanded the best, human jerky, and dried duck. Oh and the occasional fry-only if covered in gravy or mcChicken sauce. No cage could hold you. Steal bars were no match, shredded like paper. Your only dog friend in the world who could put up with your crazy antics of nipping asses, and MATCH your crazy with hers, our Nucks. She's gonna miss you to. Who's she gonna pull around by the tail? your the only toy she hasn't managed to get the stuffing out of, and thats because your stuffing is on the outside, and you bite back. She did manage to keep your hair nice and thinned though. Grooming you took hours…. HOURS!! I told you from day one my baby, "jack your a chow chow, you might as well get used to this", and true to you, you fought it every time. Proof is us getting 2 calls from 2 different groomers, after 20 minutes saying ummmm come get your dog, he's nuts. But i'm sure that you tried to tell them you didn't wanna get groomed, they just didn't listen and you had to handle it. I got your back buddy i know whats up! Getting kicked out of a boarding kennel is another good notch on your belt as well. To much dog for them to handle, not enough dog for Linden to handle. Your best little buddy in the whole world is going to be lost for a while, please let him know your ok. You came SO FAR from wanting to eat him his first day home, to never wanting to leave his side. He's your baby and i'll always remember that… Thank you for being his best friend, guardian, and protector. No matter what that boy did to you, you sat though it like a champ and would lick his arm when he was done jumping on you. It never mattered to me that you hated everyone besides us. it bugged me that you never let people see that REAL you. People would have LOVED the real you. Do you know how many more but scratches you would have got if you just let people come close? These last few years you did impress me with the progress you made with people, i chalk that up to you just being old, you got all your "stay off my lawn!" old man rage out while you were young, now your just chillin-well as chillin as you being you could be. You'll always be with us my Jack Black. There will ALWAYS be something that makes us say " hey remember that time when jack…." and then break out into laughter. We will make sure Linden remembers you, his first dog, his live teddy bear. No strangers can poke at you, or throw broken bottles or toy boxes at you, or hit at you with brooms anymore. Its OK to finally rest….. Sleep well my love…. I love you my buddha bear. I love you.
Nov 27st 2006 to April 10th 2013 Rest in peace.

Re: My Jack Black

Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2013 7:04 pm
by Boogie and Linda
I am very sorry to hear this. I remember you from when you used to post about Jack Black. I always thought it was an interesting name since he wasn't black. We will light our candle for him. Run free Jack Black.....

Re: My Jack Black

Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2013 9:18 pm
by kingalls
We will miss Jack Black! :cry: :cry: We are sad to hear of him crossing the bridge so early.

Re: My Jack Black

Posted: Sat Apr 13, 2013 6:57 am
by Tippsy'smom
I'm so sorry to hear about Jack Black's passing. :cry:

Godspeed Jack Black!

Re: My Jack Black

Posted: Tue Apr 16, 2013 6:09 am
by reddog
I just read of Jack Black’s passing. Please accept my deepest sympathy.

Thank you for sharing some of your treasure trove of memories of him and his life intertwined with yours. I can only imagine the pawprints he has left on your heart and in your life.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Run free Jack Black

Take care,

Re: My Jack Black

Posted: Fri May 10, 2013 4:44 am
by Sirchow
So sorry to read about Black Jack. The last gift we can give them is to let them go when the time comes and you did that for your boy. RIP Black Jack...pain free