Louie's Story. RIP "Monkey* 10/06-12/12

Remember our beloved Chow Chows that have passed on.

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Louie's Story. RIP "Monkey* 10/06-12/12

Post by mrshandleson » Thu Feb 07, 2013 10:03 pm

A little about Louie... I got him when he was probably 6-8 weeks old my brother found him running down the road and came home to surprise me with him. (He was a perfect little black fuzz ball.) Louie and I spent the first night laying in the living room floor with me rubbing his nose til he fell asleep. From that first night I knew he was my best friend and I believe he knew it too. From then on we spent every day of our lives together playing in the backyard I taught him to kick a soccer ball back and forth with me, fetch, sit, etc. He was always a happy pup and ready to play any time day or night. I use to dress him up in yellow pajamas in the winter time because I was afraid he would be cold outside haha. I took pics to scrapbook every thing he did from his first snow, the first time he was in the yard after we fenced it in, his first swim, car ride, etc.(the list goes on and on lol.)

How I lost my best friend... My chow passed away 2 months ago on December 1st. It was by far the hardest loss I've ever went through he was like my child. He was only 6 years old when he passed and had just celebrated his 6th birthday on October 28th. We took him to the vet to have an x-ray done because he needed his lungs checked since he was having breathing problems and my vet thought he might have cancer. Louie was aggressive towards everyone but my family and our close friends so he had to be tranquilized to have the x-rays done. When I got him back he was still groggy which was normal he had been tranquilized before for other medical issues. The next morning my neighbor found Louie laying in my backyard and he couldn't stand up so she came to get me and I tried to lift him up and he started whimpering so me, my neighbor, and my mom put him on a blanket and lifted him into my truck. I took him to the vet they ran blood work and we found out my poor Louie's kidneys were functioning at less than 25%. They told me to keep him alive I had to put an IV in him 2-3 times a week to keep his kidneys going plus they gave me 6-9 shots I had to give him until Tuesday when we would have to decide to continue this treatment and it never get better or put him down(this happened on a Saturday). The vet wanted to keep him overnight and do the treatment herself but I refused I couldn't leave my baby there by himself we had never been seperated. So I took him home and cried the whole way knowing I'd tell my vet to put him down because I refused to let him suffer. I knew he would NEVER let me suffer and I was not about to do that to him. So we get home I carry him inside and he goes to drink water then he just lays in the living room. After about an hour he starts making moaning and whining sounds that were awful. I sat in the floor and petted him and hugged him and I grabbed my phone to call the vet so Louie scooted himself between me and my mom. The vet told me to give him the morphine she gave me earlier that morning so I did. After 15 minutes of my baby moaning and whining with nothing but fear in his eyes looking at me my Louie died in my arms with me holding him as close as I could telling him it's okay and I love him. Nobody knew til after he passed that there was a blood clot in his back right leg and it had broken loose and killed him. I feel like Louie made the decision for me so I wouldn't have to, I really believe that. He was always looking out for me and protecting me. An I'm not sure if I'm writing this to share what happened to my Louie or to help myself heal. I feel like I lost my child that day and a part of me went with him. We had spent every hot summer day in the river swimming and driving down back roads. I always parked my jeep in the road and sat there with him in the same spot watching the cows in the field cause he loved to. He was the most loyal dog I had ever met and the only dog I have ever loved this much. He made my life better and he made me better. I could always count on him.

To my angel... Louie I want you to know that I love you more then anything I've ever loved. You made me realize what love, loyalty, and caring is. I never had to worry about who'd be there because when all else failed you were always here. I hope you know as life goes on I will never forget you nor will I ever replace you. I have your collar and tags hanging in my rear view mirror of my Jeep that you use to ride in with me on all those car rides to swim and watch the cows. Now when I take ride it's not the same but I'll always remember you hanging your head out the window with your tongue hanging out having the time of your life. You're my best friend, my baby, and as crazy as people may think, my first child. I love you Louie RIP 10/28/06 - 12/12/12

We buried Louie under the tree in my parents backyard where he loved to lay. I had a beautiful headstone made for him with his name, Louie and his nickname Monkey that I always called him on it. Thank you for reading Louie's story. I know it's long but it's hard to sum up someone as amazing as Monkey in a few lines.

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Re: Louie's Story. RIP "Monkey* 10/06-12/12

Post by wokman » Fri Feb 08, 2013 1:39 am

How fortunate it was for Louie to have found you. So sad for your loss. :_| [:D] O:)

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Re: Louie's Story. RIP "Monkey* 10/06-12/12

Post by chowchowdaddy » Fri Feb 08, 2013 1:32 pm

I read this several hours ago and burst into tears reading about you and Louie. I'm glad by office door was closed! There was truly a special bond between you two, as there seems to be with any good Chow parent, and the loss was made worse due to the circumstances. But, so many of us have been there and, while it's never easy and you'll never forget, the pain and loneliness will eventually begin to subside. You must always remember that Louis loved you very very much and you did everything that you could for him. Sometimes, the hardest part of being a parent is letting go, no matter how much it hurts...

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Re: Louie's Story. RIP "Monkey* 10/06-12/12

Post by reddog » Tue Feb 12, 2013 9:46 am

Sending you my deepest heartfelt sympathy. Your story about Louie brought tears to my eyes. :( Sometimes people say “I know how you feel” but they really don’t. I can honestly say I do know how you feel as I lost my beloved Chloe little over two years ago in January. I just wrote a little memorial here for her in January.

Louie will always hold a special place in your heart. Memories of him and the times you had together will be forever stored in the memory box in your mind. Now and then a memory will pop up or you’ll see something that reminds you of him and you’ll smile or chuckle or tears will come to your eyes. That’s OK! You’re allowed. He was a big part of your life.

I smiled when I read about you hanging his collar and tags on the rear view mirror in your jeep. Chloe’s collar with her tags hold a special place on the sofa in my living room. She loved to sleep on the sofa and also loved to stand on the sofa and look out the window when watching for me to come home.

Down the road when it is time for you to leave this earth take comfort in knowing Louie will be waiting for you at the Rainbow bridge.

You’re in my thoughts and prayers.

Sending you a big comforting hug and purple kisses from Whitby

Take Care

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Re: Louie's Story. RIP "Monkey* 10/06-12/12

Post by Terrina Harris » Sat Apr 06, 2013 8:23 pm

I am so very sorry for your loss. Beautifully said Pam. It is so very hard when our furkids leave us for the rainbow bridge. It feels like your heart has been ripped apart. Remember that Louie knew how much you loved him and just keep remembering the joy he gave your life. Before my MiniMe went to the rainbow bridge she was having problems with here balance on the slippery floor so I bought her baby socks that had anti slip on the bottom and I still carry one in my purse that she wore.
Thank you sweetpea!!

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