7month chowling won’t sleep indoors

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7month chowling won’t sleep indoors

Post by Lordwasr » Wed Nov 13, 2019 7:25 am

Hi all, I’m glad I was able to join this forum. I have a seven month old chowling named Bowser . He was crate trained for a bit and lived indoors from 13weeks to 4 months. Sometimes sleeping in his crate or in my room on the floor. Now he whines and cries to be let out around 10pm. He will stay indoors with my wife and I for an hour or so but starts ringing the bells that are hung on the door or whining to go outside . I know he doesn’t need to potty or use the restroom. I’m not sure why he doesn’t like sleeping indoors with us. He Doesn’t need to be in my room, id like him to be indoor so he’s not cold. I also read that chows like being with their humans too. Now, I think the obvious answer is to be the “alpha” and keep him inside even though he whines, is that right? I’m thinking thst I’ll need to leash him and take him out for potty breaks if he rings the bell and if he doesn’t go, bring him back inside . Or is it okay to have him sleep outside ? He likes to sleep right on our patio which is connected to our room by a glass door, so he can see us.

I gave him a bed and he doesn’t use it. Same goes with a dog house. He goes in it for treats but won’t sleep in it.

How well are chows with the cold weather? We’re in California and it’s a bit foggy in the morning so sometimes his fur is a bit wet. He also likes fighting with the sprinklers in the morning too lol. I dry him the best I can when I wake up .

Thanks in advance

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Re: 7month chowling won’t sleep indoors

Post by Brisco » Sat Jan 04, 2020 3:00 am

Firstly, a Chow is as good of a cold weather dog as any other breed and better than most. They are from China, a very cold place. My first Chow would lay out in a snow storm only to get fully covered with snow to where you couldn't see him and he was a black one.
Secondly, It is very normal or common for Chows to sleep outside. I have had 6 of them over the past 40 years and they all preferred to be outside. I believe this is due to their very strong protective instincts. They seem to want to keep an eye on everything. Cisco, my current 4 year old comes in more than any of my other Chows did but usually only for very short periods and he always goes out at night. He has a dog door so he is free to come and go as he likes. I built a dog house for my last 2 Chows only to give it away to a neighbour after a year of never being used not even once. In other words, it appears that you have a perfectly normal Chow, just not a normal dog.
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