Hunting service dog?

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Hunting service dog?

Postby Gan » Tue Feb 12, 2019 1:29 am

Without going to far into it, i am a service connected veteran and am looking into the option of getting a therapy service dog (for anxiety/crowds and be registered to take into establishments legally) but also would love to have a duck hunting dog. Im only assuming service dog trainers would not like or prefer the a service dog to hunt but i am just guessing. So does anybody know of any instances of labs wearing both hats of duties or am i just being greedy? I have no problem with spending lots of time and some money, just wondering if its a good idea or not. I hunt almost every weekend of the season with some pheasant/dove hunting. I have been hunting 12 or so years now. Never had my own duck dog, just useless house dogs haha! Thanks for your advice.

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