My Chow unwell when trying to trim hair

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My Chow unwell when trying to trim hair

Postby Ambivalent89 » Wed Jul 10, 2013 3:11 pm

so recently I saw that my dog, bear had irritation on her tail and bites it allot. When I tried looking a saw a little bit of blood, I cleaned it and put peroxide on it. Trimmed a little around it. She won't let me get a good look, tomorrow I will be taking her to the vet. Well today we tried to trim her hair a little, since we assume this will help her with the heat. we have not air conditioner, but live in a basement where no windows open except a small one in the bathroom, so it's not so hot in here with a fan on 24/7 and I always give her ice cubes and rub it on her to cook her off, plus her water bowl. well when we barely started to trim her hair with the clippers, in a few minutes she vomited, do you think it was because she was nervous, since this is the first time we were doing it. We decided to stop it and continue with combing her hair instead.

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