BITING: 6-Month-old puppy

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BITING: 6-Month-old puppy

Post by lexie » Mon Nov 04, 2019 4:43 pm

Hi guys!
-My male chow puppy, named Amari, is 6 months old. I got him when he was 3 months old. I am new to owning a chow...I actually didnt even have any dogs growing up so im new to PUPPIES. **I read up and thoroughly researched for over a year before adopting a chow chow though. I knew what I was getting into! lol**. He is said to be purebred with both his parents having good temperaments, however, it was a rehoming situation so I did not meet the parents to confirm any of this myself.
-He's alll up to date with vaccinations and is healthy! Most of his puppy teeth have fallen out by now and he has the majority of his adult teeth. The past couple of weeks he has started biting like CRAZYYY.
Ive tried various methods that Ive heard of and/or found online: I will try to distract him with various different toys to bite on instead. I will use stern/low tones when correcting him. I can't push him off/down or he thinks its a game and jumps right back on my arm or leg and start biting again. I will yelp or make a really loud noise when he bites too hard. I've tried to let my arm go limp when he bites it too hard, but he will try to shake it back and forth like its a toy. Nothing works.
-Now that his adult teeth are in...his bite is TOUGH. His biting is rarely out of aggression/frustration, but the bite itself is intense/aggressive (playful... but strong).
It seems to be something puppies just... do?? I just dont know how to communicate to him in a way that he understands that it is NOT how to play. It hurts much more now that he is bigger and I cant let it slide or pass off as him just being a puppy anymore.
Is there a way to correct him and get him to listen to me and stop biting? Should I seek out a professional trainer right away?? If anyone has any suggestions on what I am doing wrong or what I should try...I'd be so grateful!

**Lastly, he isnt neutured (...yet!)
Do you think that has anything to do with this biting phase? Do you think once neutered he will mellow out a little bit with his biting behavior at all? I only ask because as he is getting/acting older and starting to hump things, that's around the time the biting also started! I am (admittingly) an amateur dog owner tho, so any input/advice is welcome.

Thank you!

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Re: BITING: 6-Month-old puppy

Post by lulu.w87 » Fri Jan 24, 2020 9:19 am

My pup went through a bitting phase around that age. Everytime she gets into a biting frenzy i calmly tell her no and walk away. After a month or so she grew out of it. I believe chows are not known to be bitters, could be he is teething. Get him lots of chew toys and redirect his attention to the toys when he starts bitting.

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Re: BITING: 6-Month-old puppy

Post by chow315 » Mon Feb 10, 2020 1:05 pm

just a guess when he gets aggressive can you distract him by playing or taking him for a walk. also get him around people socalize him now. also do not let him be the boss. if he thinks he is the boss well thats bad.a trainer might be good too

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