Adopting a 1y/o male Chow Chow

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Adopting a 1y/o male Chow Chow

Postby Angie120281 » Mon Mar 12, 2018 3:47 am

Hi all,
We have recently been given the chance to adopt a 1 y/o male Chow Chow who was abandoned on a farm and rescued by a family who are currently fostering him - he seems to have had quite a bad start in life, his previous owners left the country and left him on the farm, the farm workers fed him but didnt give him any attention or effection, when he was rescued his coat was matted and he was unkempt, he was taken to the cets and given a check over, had his vaccinations, got neutered, had his lower eyelids operated on as they were turning inwards. He was just almost ready to be rehomed after this when he tore his cruciate ligament and had to be operated on again - since then he has been kept in a small bathroom to limit his weight bearing on his leg, he is alone all day while the family go out to work, they’re unable to let him out unless he is on a lead so he doesnt run - I think he is around 2 weeks post op now. We went to meet him and he was lovely, placid and gentle - had a fuss and let us stroke him before laying on the floor at our feet, we agreed we would adopt him and give him a forever home, I asked for an update this morning and was told his leg is all healing fine but he has started to show signs of aggression which they wanted me to be aware of, particularly where food was concerned and he had snapped at her husband and brought blood.... I am now looking for advice from some experienced Chow Chow owners - I have had dogs all my life but never a Chow Chow, we currently have a male Miniature Schnauzer (they havent met yet) and a 9 year old daughter!! Any help/advice/tips would be greatly appreciated - and honest opinions please, if you think we are not the right adoptive family for him please let us know.....

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Re: Adopting a 1y/o male Chow Chow

Postby notbarbie » Thu Mar 15, 2018 5:19 am

I say adopt him or else nobody else will. I think you have a really good heart but just remember to keep his best interests in mind. when i first got my chow we had no idea what we were doing and I always tried to compare him to other dogs. He was/is stubborn and independent but I love him and thats all that matters. He will never be the outgoing, love everybody, cuddler type dog, but thats okay

For the food aggression, my dog never had that, but my best advice would be to eat first, because alphas always eat first. and make him work for everything! Maybe he is being aggressive because he is in pain?

good luck if you decide to adopt the chow!


Re: Adopting a 1y/o male Chow Chow

Postby VitaLife » Sun Sep 30, 2018 2:41 am

Recently I had adopted a pup. But don't know which food is best for my pup. Can you suggest me that which food I should feed him?

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