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D&M Farm Chows

Postby ChuckS » Mon Oct 30, 2017 10:31 am

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I currently own two D&M Farm chows purchased back in 2007.. Both chows are female Reds, with one having a darker coat than the other.. Both chows were flown out to us in Idaho. Transactions for purchasing each chow could not have been any easier and the professionalism by D&M was outstanding..

Our chows names are Sassy and Ginger. Sassy was born in May 2007 and Ginger was born Nov 2007. One is 10 1/2 and the other will be 10 in November. Over the last ten years their health has been excellent. Both were spayed at six months of age at my choice.

The shipping arrangements by air were excellent with updated status on each chows aircraft carrier, flight number, times, etc. Since Sassy was shipped to us in July D&M made meticulous arrangements with air transportation so our new chow would be flown into Idaho at the coolest time of the day. Everything was just perfect. Gingers aircraft flight went just as smoothly. Very impressed with multiple emails updating us on both chows status from initial purchase through process of delivery to Idaho.

We’ve experienced no health issues over the course of ten years with Sassy and Ginger. D&M farms provided us with their recommendations for dog food, vaccination schedule, etc.. Furthermore over the years any question I’ve emailed to D&M Farms regarding our chows was always answered the same day.

Our chows travel all over the western states and travel well. They are very sociable and show no signs of aggression, etc. Several RV places we’ve stayed at had initial concerns about our chows because chows are currently listed on the top most aggressive breed lists.. However, each and every time our chows were seen by an RV park with concerns their concerns immediately stopped.. The list is really not accurate.. in my opinion..

I would not hesitate to purchase another chow from D&M Farms.. They run a first class business that provides beautiful healthy chows to owners..

Additionally I would be happy to converse with anyone that is currently looking to purchase a new chow for their home.

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Re: D&M Farm Chows

Postby soflachow » Tue Oct 31, 2017 6:59 am

I must admit that I'm quite puzzled by the negative comments that I've seen here regarding D&M Chows. In fact so much so that I'm doing something I've never done and that is to rebut these comments and do so from personal experience.

I currently have Chows from D&M and I have to say that they are the most gentle Chows I've ever shared my life with. All of my dogs are treated like children and live better (probably) than some children do. I have not had excessive health issues but I've had some and those are the same that anyone with this breed has. Just this past week I took my 11yo Punkin to the vet for her annual wellness check. It involves x-rays, blood work, liver and kidney scans and so on. The vet, who has been our vet for in excess of 20 years, told me that she had the blood and work up results of a much younger dog. She is still playful and loving and an absolute joy to be around. Additionally I'm a member of a couple of online Chow forums and its members include many, many furparents that have babies from D&M and I have never seen one single negative comment in fact the only negative comments I've seen come from sources that are not connected to D&M.

Clearly these people with negative comments about D&M have an ax to grind and I don't think it's because of the quality of the D&M Chow. I think the negativity stems from a desire to falsely demean the reputation of D&M for personal gain and if that is so then how petty and small minded can you be.

Do what I did, visit the kennel where D&M breeds their babies and you fill find a clean, happy environment with healthy, playful and happy babies and parents.

I would be only too happy to respond to any questions or comments regarding my post so please feel free to respond.

George M. Perry
Coral Springs, FL

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