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New chow chow owner

Postby Meganandzeus » Wed Jun 28, 2017 11:12 am

Hi!! I'm a new owner of a little 3 month old cream male chow chow.

He is amazing he sleeps in his crate all night without crying or soiling it, eats all his meal and has learnt to poo outside and is almost getting the peeing outside just a few slip ups. I just want some advice as a local groomer has said that chow chows can be aggressive so she declines doing them which has made me worry? when he approaches a new dog he try's to nip them but his tail is wagging and I think he is just playing? Is he or should I be encouraging him to stay away from other dogs unless the owner is ok? He nibbles me and my partner but never breaking skin I think he is just mouthing? When he is with my mums dogs who are older he play fights until the bark or nip him and he bows down. Is that not correct for the whole higher archi thing? He is being handled by loads of people and is so good loves the attention and try's to I think mouth them as it's not sore? I'm worried if I'm doing it wrong. Mum worries haha. Please help!!!

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Re: New chow chow owner

Postby Cindy J » Sun Jul 09, 2017 7:05 pm

What your puppy is doing is NORMAL puppy behavior. I suggest that you get him out and about as many new places, people and "friendly" dogs as possible. Keep a pocket full of treats that you can use to distract him when he is being mouthy. I often times let strangers give my crew treats and then pet them. This teaches your puppy that he does not need to be afraid and react in a negative way to things/people that scare him.

I am very surprised that groomers are still frightened by chows. I guess that the people we we see on a regular basis are accustomed to our well behave chows.
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Re: New chow chow owner

Postby JammyJoy » Tue Jul 11, 2017 11:26 pm

Your dog is amazing ! I like the behavior of your dog she's good, and that is a normal behavior be thankful that your dog is not aggressive.

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