New to site and curious about getting a chow

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New to site and curious about getting a chow

Postby mac0807 » Thu Jan 19, 2017 10:36 am

Hello all,
I'm new to the site and do not currently have a chow, but am interested in getting one. But I would like some advice based on my situation. I'm recently single, my partner of three years passed away two months ago. So, I'm on my own again. The reason I am interested in Chows stems from the fact that an aunt and uncle of mine have had chows for years and being around their dogs piqued my interest. Granted my exposure to their Chows was limited given that they live in Texas and I'm in Colorado. So I was only around their chows on visits down there, maybe once or twice a year. So I am fully aware of the breeds tendency to be aloof and standoffish toward those they are not around regularly.
So here's my concern: Given that I do live alone and only have visitors on occasion, the chances to properly socialize my chow would be limited to obedience classes and maybe trips to a park. I would not want to raise a chow that would be ill-tempered and bad around the few guests I might have. Any suggestions on how to properly socialize a Chow if you are a single adult living alone?

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