My 9 month Old Chow starting to nip at strangers

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My 9 month Old Chow starting to nip at strangers

Postby rowlaki » Sat Jul 23, 2016 11:56 am

Hi! I need help. I recently moved in the past three months from NC to FL. My chow chow, Aleppo (Po) came with me on the move. He's nothing but a goofy, fun-loving pet that every member of my family enjoys. He has a particularly high level of respect for me but does not necessarily always listen to everyone in my family although usually not in a harmful or menacing way. When I am away, apparently Po is not this way. He sometimes nips when others try to brush him or pet him in certain ways. This has gotten better over time but still persists especially with new people or strangers. I have never seen or heard of him showing teeth, growling or anything besides a quick snap but I am concerned this will progress. Today he nipped at the groomers even and was immediately returned back to me. I feel confident in Po when I am around but my family is not as supportive and helpful with the dog, and is not willing to help train him. Unfortunately I learned for work I will be doing a few months in the UK. This would mean he would be staying with my family for months without me. I am hiring a trainer to correct the behavior and (maybe even get him service dog trained) but I am concerned it will be the same problem, where he is fine with me but not with others. I am conflicted if I should invest in this or should I make moves to rehome Po to a more active and supportive master?

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Re: My 9 month Old Chow starting to nip at strangers

Postby kingalls » Tue Jul 26, 2016 6:43 pm

I have always noted from posts, etc. that Chow Chows need A LOT of socialization. Also, Chows will figure out who is their alpha - which, in my opinion, Po has selected you. You need a qualified trainer for a Chow Chow. Most obedience classes will treat all dogs the same way - Chows don't fall into the generic dog category and training needs to be done by someone that knows Chows. You also need support of your family. Even though Po sees you as the alpha, your family needs to step up.
My Chowboy, Nahkohe, was not good with people - period. He was not socialized enough per the recommendations but in my opinion, I wonder if he would ever have been good with other people or dogs. At a dog obedience class for another dog (not Chow), the trainer said his dog was born to not like other dogs - no matter what the training.You need to find a trainer that knows about Chows and their independent nature and have your family step up and help. Rehoming is the last resort but if it comes to that, it needs to be to a family that are experienced Chow Chow owners.
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