Should I stud my perfect chow?

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Should I stud my perfect chow?

Postby grizzlythechow » Mon Feb 01, 2016 7:28 am

Hi all. I am new to this board, but not new to Chows. I currently own what are my 7th and 8th Chow Chows. I am considering offering my 3.5 year old 70 lb male as a stud, and I was hoping anyone with experience can offer some advice on this. Grizzly is the most beautiful and well tempered Chow Chow I have ever encountered. He is a show quality dog, he comes from a champion bloodline, and he is AKC registered. He's in the front of this picture, and behind him is his half-sister.
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Re: Should I stud my perfect chow?

Postby Briahna » Tue Feb 09, 2016 8:09 am

Hi, and welcome! Your chow is very beautiful, I agree. Unfortunately, I don't have much advice when it comes to this kind of thing. I would think that he would be a great stud though and I would love to have one of his puppies! If you're not getting a fast enough response here, I would get in contact with some reputable breeders (even if they aren't nearby) at least for their advice.

Rory's Dad
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Re: Should I stud my perfect chow?

Postby Rory's Dad » Wed Feb 10, 2016 6:16 pm

That's really a tough question to ask.

Without getting too critical, I would inquire with breeders local to you who have a female. Perfect is a really difficult description to live up to. My 1st thought if I was considering him as a potential mating partner to my female is that he is oversized at 70 lbs. But since my girl is on the smaller size, it might be workable. BTW, I am not considering my female for any breeding as she has some personality quirks that I don't want to continue in the chow breed. I am looking elsewhere to breed my 2 males.

Quality breeders should be looking to continue positive traits. The temperament is obviously something that should be furthered. He does have a nice eye and ear set and his paws are well shaped. I, personally like his muzzle set and head piece, but its not something everyone loves. To continue that look, you would need to find a breeder that likes that look and has a similar styled female.

If you want to avoid the puppy mill style breeding attempts, you should have him tested. At 3.5 years he should be certified for hips, eyes, etc. This goes a long way toward proving that he is genetically sound. You may also consider showing him to reaffirm your assertion of his quality. A couple judges awarding him show points would confirm that he meets breed standard and is an acceptable stud dog.

As I said, I won't breed my female due to some small issues with her personality, but I love her as a house dog. My 4 year old male is an AKC Champion, 1/2 way to a GCH. He has been OFA tested in every category. My 1 year old Smooth Chow is 1 major show win away from his CH and will be tested at 2 years. The 4 year old will probably be studded locally when he finishes his GCH, and the 1 year old has already received multiple offers from Europe.

So, to answer your responsible. If your dog truly is worthy of continuing the breed line, then do your homework. Will the breeder of your dog accept him back as a sire? Do the testing to rule out any genetic issues and selectively choose a mating partner that continues the best aspects. Don't just accept a stud fee and find the puppies for sale on the internet several months earlier, or worse in a rescue kennel because they couldn't be sold.

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