Will Pooh Bear grow up to be mean? Please help

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Will Pooh Bear grow up to be mean? Please help

Postby lovespoohbear » Tue Jul 28, 2015 7:39 am

Pooh Bear is a 13 week old male PB chow and before I say anything let me specify he's our baby! We've been working with him and trying to set the rules of the house such as not chasing the cats (I think he just wants to play with them) going potty outside and not chewing up everything we own lol. He does know the word no, because when he's doing something he shouldn't and I say NO he momentarilly stops. The potty outside issue has its ups and down moments. There's days he'll go everytime I take him out and twice he's even gone to the door and turned to look at me to take him out, then there's still the days he'll potty inside right in front of us. He has biting issues and I'm trying the method I read on here about gently putting the fist in his mouth, but then yesterday he went a little biting crazy. He just wouldn't stop. He was acting like he was playing with us but would not calm down. I know chows are stubborn but Pooh Bear takes the cake sometimes. My boyfriend keeps saying he's afraid Pooh Bear is going to grow up to be mean and out of control. I keep trying to tell him that I believe it's where he's still a baby and has to outgrow some of the things all puppies do. I guess it just scared me when my boyfriend made that comment. One thing that did make me feel good was when we took him to the vet the other day and she told us how friendly and calm he was around her and the staff. I guess I just want to know what you guys think? Any tips, advice, anything that can help. I REFUSE to allow Pooh Bear to grow up and be mean, he's too sweet a baby to let that happen. Thanks in advance for any help!!

Rory's Dad
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Re: Will Pooh Bear grow up to be mean? Please help

Postby Rory's Dad » Tue Jul 28, 2015 7:00 pm

Wow, that's a lot in a single post...lol, no worries. It's going to be up to you to determine how PB ends up.

As for chasing cats, I don't know what to tell you on that. I think it's going to be in his nature unless you teach him otherwise. I think separation to some degree, but then just be on top of it. NO is a great thing for him to learn, and I would use it in abundance when it comes to the cats.

At 13 weeks, the potty thing is not going to be perfect, but it sounds like he has a good start. Remember to keep a schedule. He is not going to be able to wait 12 hours. Be patient when taking him out. He may go immediately on 9 trips, but then get distracted or not feel the need on the 10th. I would recommend staying on the same path, walking repeatedly in the are you have designated until he goes, every time.

I have no idea who might have posted the 'fist in mouth' idea, but abandon it immediately. In my opinion that is a horrible idea. Think about it..you want your dog to stop biting the furniture, so you offer him your hand instead? I'm ok with replacement therapy, but give him a chew toy, a water bottle, or a deer antler instead. And forcing your hand into his mouth doesn't really instill a sense of trust does it? I am sure it makes him uncomfortable, and that's the last thing you want.

If he's sweet now and has good reports from the vet, then you are on a good path. Use positive reinforcement in training. Use food rewards for positive interactions. Make sure he is well socialized by introducing him to other animals and people of all sorts and in all types of environments.

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Re: Will Pooh Bear grow up to be mean? Please help

Postby Ishibari » Thu Sep 03, 2015 2:43 am

You can ask for help on this, really.

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Re: Will Pooh Bear grow up to be mean? Please help

Postby maikinda » Thu Sep 03, 2015 7:16 pm

If I had a dollar for every time I was told my chows would get mean I would be a rich woman today. As Rorys dad said it is up to you make sure your baby grows up to have a good temperament. This is a great website to help you with your puppy http://www.peaceablepaws.com/pat-miller.php I believe every dog should be taken for obedience training when they are old enough. Find a good trainer the uses positive training methods and you will be amazed at the bond you will develop with your dog.

Good luck!

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Re: Will Pooh Bear grow up to be mean? Please help

Postby kingalls » Sun Sep 06, 2015 7:26 pm

What is the circumstance for PB biting you? Are you playing with him? With my Chowboy, I thought it was kinda cute how he would play with me and "mouth" me. Per this site, I realized this was not a good thing so I switched from it being okay to the squealing thing and/or walking away from that kind of play. Basically, don't encourage any kind of mouthing/biting. It should be completely discouraged - squeal loudly to show your displeasure and/or walk away to stop that activity. You are the one to guide him to being a friendly Chow Chow.
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Re: Will Pooh Bear grow up to be mean? Please help

Postby sit_by_the_beach » Sun Nov 29, 2015 2:49 am

I adopted two adult chows and I don't have baby chow experience. One year ago I rescued a 6 month old pug mix. What a handful he was. Similar behaviour to your PB. Mouthing, biting, jumping at me. Lunging at me and I ended up with a big scratch across my nose.
I then stopped all play, play fighting. Fed the pug more food but not overfeeding. With a full belly he was more likely to have a shorter play time. I took the dog to the leash free dog park for him to run off some steam. All worked for the pug mix, not sure if it would for a chow.
I no longer have cats so I have no idea how you could curtail your chow from chasing yours.
One good toy I found, was to take a large woolen worksock and stuff it with anything, old socks, underwear and stuffed a cheap squeeky toy inside. I continually threw the toy across the living room, or outdoors across the yard which tired out the pug. By feeding him more food, tiring him out with play, my dog slowly stopped the nipping, biting, mouthing and chewing.
1 year later, he's become a normal dog, well almost. He still jumps at people we meet on the street, or anyone coming to the house. I put up the crate again while workmen, visitors are here. I never believed in crating but sometimes its necessary for short periods of time.
Good luck with your chow. Give it some time. Puppy school might be good for your chow. He needs to be socialized with other chows or dogs.


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Re: Will Pooh Bear grow up to be mean? Please help

Postby TiffanyG » Fri Feb 19, 2016 5:57 pm

How could a chow with a name like pooh bear be mean? Lol
I don't think any dogs grow up to be mean, their natural state or default mode is happy ...wouldn't it be great if humans were like that?
If a dog is mean it's because of the abuse and emotional damage that comes from that. Now there are dogs that have attitude or spunk or just less patience for what they consider nonsense and that's common for a chow. Now all dog owners that have a problem with their dog have a problem with the dynamics between them and their furry companion:-) dogs respond to pack leaders and you have to have a pack leader mentality when working with your dog. You especially have to express this when you are the owner of a chow bc they are bad asses and they know it:-) try watching some Ceasar if you are feeling like your dog is running your house, he always puts thugs in perspective for me. My chow mix Molly was always wanting the last word when I asked something of her and Ceaser said that a dog will do that when they don't take you seriously and advised for owners to imagine themselves when they feel the most powerful and that the dog will sense that! If you are the owner of a strong willed chow or maybe you are unable to predict their behavior just yet then be careful of bringing them around people that don't have experience with dogs. They should only interact with people that can be an authority figure until you feel comfortable:-)


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