has anybody kept two male from the same litter

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has anybody kept two male from the same litter

Post by sue » Sun Aug 20, 2006 5:23 pm

hi i would like to know if anybody here has kept two males from the same litter.and how things have worked out with them.i will give you a brief description of whats happened.

ive always had girls before i lost my first Tess to stomach cancer at 10years old she was my only dog at that time.
Then came little Tess and Vanti[corgi] i lost Little Tess at 13 to heart disease.so then came Charlie Girl[cairn terrier]and finally after five months of waiting Teddy.
I lost Vanti three years ago at 16 to old age.
But then last month i lost teddy at just 6 years of age to gastic torsion/bloat.
Charlie stopped eating when we lost Teddy it didnt matter what food i gave her all her favorite meals and treats didnt work.so even though it hasnt even begun to sink in whats happened i am still very much in a state of shock.
I got word that there was two ten week old brothers available.so i decided to get both of them. Ive named them Zeus and Achilles as soon as they arrived Charlie started to eat again.We have had a few settling in problems Charlie growls at them she then rounds then up and keeps them in the kitchen she never hurts them but she will nip at there ears and make them do what she wants them to do.Dog owning friends say that Charlie is just being a good mother.Zeus is the bigger of the two and the dominant brother Charlie seems to boss him around more than Achilles if he plays with a toy Charlie will walk over and take it off of him he just wags his tail and plays with something else i cant work out if she feels threatend by him or not.But its still early days yet and were all just getting to know one another.sorry if this post sounds brief its still difficult to talk about Teddy at this time.
Any tips,comments or advice any one could give i would much appreciate it.

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Post by mich » Sun Aug 20, 2006 5:51 pm

Yes and I have never regretted it, they have been best buddies since the day I brought them home almost 3 years ago.
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