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Shiloh's first time being groomed

Posted: Fri May 06, 2005 1:09 pm
by kingalls
I took Shiloh to be groomed for the first time this morning. She has been cooperative with me brushing her except for around the ears and tail. She had some major matting developing behind her ears and would jerk away if I got near them with anything other than my hand. She is a nervous Chow (mix) anyway so when the groomer greeted us, she immedately but the brakes on and tried to back away. We got her up on the table. I thought Shiloh would hyper-ventilate but she never growled or barked. She had a very wild-eyed look - especially with the sound of the razor near her ears. She like a bucking bronco but we managed to hold her and get it over quickly. When it was finally complete - in half the time it takes for Mr. Nahkohe - she was quite the pretty lady. Her white tail & breeches were so fluffy. The groomer even discounted the charge since she was easy and not the terror that Mr. N :twisted: can be.
She was so happy to be home that she immediately cannonballed into her kiddie pool :? ...oh, well!

Posted: Fri May 06, 2005 1:49 pm
by Shan&Kayla
well, I am glad you managed to get her groomed :) I just took kayla in for her first time and she was a total love-they went on and on about what a sweetheart she is. Kayla also hates having her breeches and tail messed with. It does take two people to brush it. One to distract her from sitting, turning in circles and nibbling fingers, and the other person to actually do the brushing :) Of course she jumped right into the pool! I mean c'mon you went to all that trouble to get her cleaned up, so she HAD to right? lol :lol: