Pumpkin's antics... a look back

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Zhuyos mom
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Pumpkin's antics... a look back

Post by Zhuyos mom » Sun Mar 26, 2006 12:12 pm

Thought everyone who knew Pumpkin (and her mom, Joanna, of course) would enjoy this old post from the old chowchow.org site. Remember how our chows use to write each other and cheer each other on?!


check this out chows...

This article submitted by Pumpkin (j@e) on 02/26/2004.

Pumpkin's opinion is:

I did it! I killed something!
I got away from my mom on our walk yesterday and when I came back I had a big old dead rabbit in my mouth. Mom was so grossed out she started gagging, but I dropped it at her feet anyway and made her congratulate me. Then I stood there so other people walking by would see what a great hunter I am, most of them were grossed out too. I strutted all the way home and snorted at my dad to tell him. My mom called the vet to see if I needed any shots or anything, luckily he said no.
I hope I can go back today and look for more...or maybe I'll get a squirrel.....I was so tired after all that (cause it took my mom an hour to get me home) that I snored all night....my mom's grumpy and tired cause she says my snoring kept her awake and then she was dreaming of rabbits getting revenge on her.
Oh well, tough for her, I had a great time.....
love Pumpkin the bunny slayer

Chico's opinion is:
Wow pumpkin... you are fast...
A bunny,,, did you get to bring it home as a trophy???
My mom says that I am not allowed to chase other animals that are smaller than me... so when we come accross a squirl or rabbit... she says NO NO NO.. and I have to listen or I get the look..:(
How did you get loose? I need to learn that trick.. I try but mom averts all my attempts..
Congrats to you Pumpkin...

Firesong's opinion is:
WOW! Way to go, Pumpkin! A big ole rabbit, all I get to try and chase are the dump squirrels around here, (though some of them are almost as big as bunnies), I've seen a couple of rabbits, but my mom always keeps a tight hold on my leash and I can't drag her fast enough to catch them. So I'm totally in awe, Congrats!
P.S. Darkwind says congrats too, he says too bad your mom got grossed out, but moms are like that sometimes.

Shiloh's opinion is:
Pumpkin - hmmmm...that recent haircut has spurred a new side to you? Be careful that your mom doesn't impose the 3 strikes law...
1. Table theft
2. Puppy smushing
3. Bunny slaying
Better lay low for a few days...

Milly and Mabel's opinion is:
Oh! Oh! Gosh! Gosh!
Pumpkin, you are a lucky and clever Chow Chow.
We are so proud of you! We think all the other Chow Chows are proud of you too.
Our Mummy is a bit disgusted and told us that we are not allowed to kill bunnies or squirrels or cats.
O dear, there are some excellent cats to chase and carve up in our avenue but she will only take us out in the avenue on our leads.
We do chase cats if they come in our garden but they don't seem to come in any more. They sit and look at us through the hedge.
Oh, what a lucky Chow girl you are. Oh we do wish we could come to Canada and help you kill all the bunnies.
Hector is very impressed.
Our Daddy just laughed.
Love from Milly and Mabel.
p.s. We do hope you manage to get away again. Our Mummy does not take her mobile phone out with her when we go for a walk but our Daddy does but he keeps it in his pocket. We do wish he would talk to people and let go of a lead. Oh dear, we wish we could chase bunnies.

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Judy Fox
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Post by Judy Fox » Sun Mar 26, 2006 2:04 pm

Oh Lou!
She was a wonderful Chow Chow wasn't she? :)
Gosh, I miss her - I also miss reading about Gwrol's antics too but every now and again I get a note from Michael. He flew the Welsh Dragon on St. David's Day for us!
Do you remember Pumpkin escaping when they went to spend the weekend at Joanna's mother's house.
But it was dragging the table up the street that tickled me pink. :D
Blessed Chow - I bet she is running St. Francis ragged in The Happy Hunting Ground - one thing for sure, it won't be dull!! :lol: :-oo
Yes, Zhuyo was the President of her fan club and we were all members. :)
(Thank you Sweetpea for my new banner.)

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Post by kingalls » Sun Mar 26, 2006 9:08 pm

Oh, Lou - thanks so much for finding this about Pumpkin...I miss her antics :cry:
She's probably quite the instigator (sp?) on the other side of Rainbrow Bridge... :lol:


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Post by Victory » Mon Mar 27, 2006 11:42 am

Thanks for finding this and reposting it Lou. She was one very special Chowgirl. Made me laugh constantly.
Victory, Darkwind, (our angel), Firesong, and Dreamdancer
Thank you SweetPea!

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Post by SWANCIN » Mon Mar 27, 2006 8:01 pm

Yes, thanks Lou for finding the Pumpkin (and Joanna) post. I recall the dragging the cafe table 8) episode with such fondness and giggles.

Purple kisses all around,
Cindy & Kodi

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