Looking Chow pup Michigan.

People looking to adopt a Chow Chow.

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Looking Chow pup Michigan.

Postby BeckyMarie34 » Fri Oct 13, 2017 4:59 am

Hi everyone,
My name is Rebecca and me and my family are looking for a chow chow puppy.
I've raised a black pup and a red chow chow who recently passed away from Bladder cancer at eight. :cry:
The family is ready to fill that gap with a new family member, it's been so many years since I looked on the
internet for a dog that things have changed so much. 99 percent of the people I contact who supposedly live in
my state come back and tell me they actually live in Florida or another place in America and they want to ship
the dog, I don't trust that and it feels like everyone is trying to scam for cash. I come from a time that you go to
the persons house and you look at the baby hold it, make sure it's what you where promised and pay for it, is them
days gone?? I'd like to see what I want to buy. Any who I'm writing in hopes that somebody would have some near me in the state of Michigan, I don't mind hours of driving as I live in a small country town between Lansing and battle creek. We are not looking for a show dog just a family member so AKC CKC papers are not needed both my chowlings didn't have papers and where perfect little babies, but I also am willing to take AKC if it is in the state. Please if you have any information or could help message me or email me at Rebecca.Marie27@gmail.com
Thanks and may ur furbabys be happy and healthy!

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