I LOVE My Dog But I'm Frustrated...

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I LOVE My Dog But I'm Frustrated...

Postby MimchiRamen » Sun Mar 18, 2018 12:41 am

Hello, I'm a dog owner of a 10 month old Chow who I adore, but I can't seem to become closer to him. There is a small backstory since he was born into a puppy mill and stayed there for about a month or two during the summer. Once we got him it was pretty simple, because we knew he was afraid. He hid under everything, so my reaction was to hold him and shush him to sleep. I played music for him to sleep every night and wait for him to fall asleep before I do. After we got vaccinations we finally went into obedience classes where we were usually the top of the class. He was pretty easy to train, because I used peanut butter spray, and he LOVED it. Soon, we stopped taking it after intermediate classes, because they were expensive. Also summer was coming to an end and I had to head to school. Things went downwards as he grew, but now I'm trying to pick things back up again. (SORRY THAT WAS EXTREMELY LONG)

My real problem is that he is extremely loyal, but he won't let me approach him without him standing on his four. (He also seems like a mix breed, and he's really hyper when he's in the mood) He nips a lot btw or maybe bites sometimes when it hurts. However, he never does it out of anger or fear. It makes me scared sometimes, but my fear goes away in flash as soon as remember he's my little baby :oops: . I can pet him and all and he has turned his tummy upward on many occasions for me to rub, but even so, It's not a normal thing that happens. If I tried to touch him under the belly he would jump back, because he knows I'm not afraid if he bites me. However, he does it with everything when he feels vulnerable. When he's drinking he'll jump back if someone is just passing, same with eating and approaching. I've tried to stop him from teething, but most toys I've bought for him he is scared of. However, in the end he is extremely loyal like he follows me everywhere, and when I yell his name inside my house he'll come running into the house. Also I'm very new to this, and If It can get some feedback I be really really really happy. THANK YOU!

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