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Post by rfwilli » Fri Nov 24, 2017 3:43 pm

I am glad I found this Chow Chow group. Her name is Godiva. Your article on growling was informative. Godiva growled at me when I rubbing her tummy, which by the way I have done often and she encourages it. I think I went to far down.
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Cindy J
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Re: Hi

Post by Cindy J » Sat Dec 02, 2017 8:04 am

Godiva is very pretty! I do not discourage any of my dogs from growling as this is their way of telling me that something is wrong. If you stop them from growling they may skip the warning phase and jump right to defense (aka biting)

This being said, I also do not encourage growling. If one of my dogs growl I step back and evaluate "why". I then work through the issue. Are they growling because they are in pain and I am touch a sensitive spot. If so, this needs to be addressed by a vet. Are the growing because I am in their personal space; perhaps they don't like their paws touched. If so, I work on this by moving closer to the "growl zone" gradually with treats until they are comfortable being touched from head to tail.

I use the same general technique when a dog growls because the are resource guarding an object or food. I never forcefully take the object as this reinforces their concern that they need to guard to item. I offer something better and trade, usually giving the object back (unless it is harmful) so that they know I not there to take things away.

Just let her know gradually that you are on her side and that the love in unconditional. Ask away and be sure to share more pictues
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