1 month old puppy questions

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1 month old puppy questions

Post by svk » Fri Sep 08, 2017 3:57 am

Hello all,

me and my wife have a new family member - a one month old puppy chow named Freyja :)
At first I should mention the fact that no one of us has ever had a dog. This is our first pet. She has already spent two days with us in her new home.
I have some questions concerning basic rules for raising a dog and really hope to find proper answers here.

The puppy cannot get used to pee and poop on the training pad. I use toilet trainer drops (produced by Camon) but the puppy does not care at all. So far she hit the target only twice :) Should I change the product? Can you recommend good treats for puppies? I want to reward her with a treat when uses the training pad properly.

When her teeth will begin to grow agressively? I have observation that she prefers to play with and bite my hands, fingers, legs instead of any other toy she has. In my opinion that is a way for scratching herself.

Thank you in advance for your help, guys!

Best regards from Bulgaria!

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