PLEASE HELP!! VERY aggressive 15 week old male chow!

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PLEASE HELP!! VERY aggressive 15 week old male chow!

Post by IDreamofDezi » Thu Mar 30, 2017 3:21 pm

I first bought my chow baby Dezi at 6 weeks old. He was easy to crate train (he basically trained himself) was house trained by 9 weeks (assuming we got to him before he couldn't hold it anymore!).

But early on at 7 weeks he began humping. My boyfriend kept him in his cage all day and night while he was at work for a week. I think the puppy built up some resentment and soon started humping my boyfriend! We thought it was just cute at first but then, as Dezi stayed in his play pen for most of the day while I worked and went to school full time, he became resentful of me too! My sister was home to take him outside, run around with him for an hour or just sit in the room and play. He wasn't completely alone and got a decent amount of exercise. We never ever hit him or abused him. We were never forceful or loud or angry towards him.

Fast forward!

He'll be 15 weeks tomorrow and he's so aggressive. As soon as either me or my sister let him out, he humps aggressively. We can remove his paws, we can tell him to stop, sit, or down (all commands he knows well) and he'll keep humping. even 10-15 times consecutively and to where I cannot walk. He doesn't hump as much outside where he has room to play but when we try to put a leash on him to walk him to the backyard he bites, HARD. If we try to put him back in his playpen he bites. If we try to pick him up he recoils in rage and he bites!

In the morning I take him out around 7AM and it's such a struggle. He bites my legs, feet, hands. He'll hump and even try to attack me. More than once I've had to restrain him on his back until he calmed down. This made him behave for maybe a day or so until he came back even worse.

I want to let him around the house and socialize him but as soon as he's out in the house he's biting all of my things to the point that I have to pry his jaw open.

My sister and I both tried the yelp, the turning and walking away when he bites, a firm NO and giving him a toy... NOTHING WORKS. In fact, now he bites when he just doesn't want to play anymore because he knows he'll be left alone.

Funny, the only thing that KIND OF stopped the humping and biting is a low growl the way his mommy dog might have. But that worked all of 24 hours.

I'm literally at my wits end. I'm having terrible anxiety. It's so hard to just clean his pen or take him out or wash him. All the things he NEEDS is a painful power struggle every single day. What do I do? I'm honestly afraid of him. I'm only 95 pounds. Once he gets big I won't be able to restrain him anymore.

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