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4.5 month old seems to have lost her appetite

Posted: Wed Mar 22, 2017 6:53 pm
by DanielleH
Hi guys

I am a new Chow Chow owner (and a first time dog owner) and been loving the experience! I was told it would be a challenge but she is amazing and we have a great relationship - however Bagel, my light red female 4.5 month old seems to have lost her appetite this week?

I feed her twice a day, varying between beef mince (mixed with Complete Mix ... luten_free) and Advance puppy kibble dry food (Ideally I do half-half). At first she loved the kibble, and she has had the beef with Complete Mix since day one (albeit sometimes no Complete Mix if I have run out but then I will use rice) - but now barely touches it. Which has now moved into her not really eating the beef either?? She doesn't particularly like the Complete Mix but I mix it with salt reduced Chicken Stock (rather than water) and I have not had a problem yet.

I have recently changed from Royal Canin to Advance (purely from a price perspective but would be 100% happy to go back if it's the cause) but that doesn't really explain the loss of interest in the beef?

So I was at the grocery store last night and saw some puppy milk, I tried mixing that in with the kibble today and she ate it! She also loves my food which I share (if I can) - so it's baffled me why she has just turned off the beef mince. I also tried giving her pork mince thinking maybe she is just over it, and to my horror after she threw it up I should have only given it to her cooked (I Google EVERYTHING but felt a meat mince raw was fine - stupid mistake). So I will cook that for her tonight to see how she goes, but I also don't want to get her used to cooked mince.

I am not sure why this would be happening??

Any help is much appreciated!

Danielle x

Re: 4.5 month old seems to have lost her appetite

Posted: Tue Apr 18, 2017 2:28 am
by Effalump
I'm in the exact same boat! First time chow owner/ first time dog owner, Effie is just under 4 months old, and has gone off her food in the same way. She was on just kibble, Lily's Kitchen, then she went off that, so we added in Lily's Kitchen wet food, which she loved at first but has now gone off eating that as well.

We're about to change her food bowl in case that's the problem, as she seems to eat off the floor and from our hands (though we've only done that once, we know it's not a habit to get into). She loves her treats, especially banana, so she hasn't completely lost her appetite. Her bowl is currently ceramic and we'll probably change it to stainless steel. May not work but worth a try!

I hope you've gotten somewhere in the couple of weeks it's been since you posted! I think they're just being fussy, as puppies tend to get, but it's still frustrating!

So any help for me is appreciated too!

Re: 4.5 month old seems to have lost her appetite

Posted: Sat Aug 11, 2018 7:12 pm
by DanielleH
Hi there

I only just saw this reply! So I ended up finding out about raw feeding and only feed her raw now - she’s a very hungry happy girl a year on haha - hope all went well with your little one?