Might be a new Chow Owner

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Might be a new Chow Owner

Postby Bigrobford » Mon Oct 10, 2016 4:32 am

Hello All,

I have an opportunity to get a Chow Chow puppy from a good breeder. I am new to owning a dog in general. Although I have done TONS of research and think I can handle the socialization with all the training classes available in my area (not to mention my best friend's family adopted the brother of the one I want to get), I am still a bit on the fence due to me work schedule. In my research, I have found the Chow to be the best fit for me given my schedule. I work 9 hours a day + travel time of up to an hour each way. My question is, once the Chow is old enough with full range of the house will he be ok home alone that long? Will a doggy door into a fenced yard be needed for this as well
? With that, my friend that adopted the brother of the one I want said they will come over while the dog is a puppy and let him out and the brothers can play a bit while I am at work. I will also be going to puppy training classes once or twice a week and be home most weekends. I have wanted a dog my whole life and I am getting to the now or never stage. Info, opinions, and constructive criticism. is welcome and appreciated!!

Thanks in Advance!!

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Re: Might be a new Chow Owner

Postby chunkymonkeys » Sat Oct 15, 2016 6:08 am

Welcome Bigrobford,
From what you've written, you sound like you've put a lot of thought into bringing home a Chow Chow. You sound very conscientious and will make an excellent Dad for your future family member. Chows are gorgeous, smart, aloof, and all other dogs are jealous of how they have it "going on". If you're up for an adventure, living with a Chow is it! Please keep us updated with your progress. :D

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