new puppy, need help !!!

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new puppy, need help !!!

Post by DaisyLover » Wed Aug 24, 2016 2:16 pm

Hello Group,

My bf recently gave me a new puppy, he says its a Chow Chow ( according to the owners) but I think she is a Chow mix not sure with what.
I think she is about 8 weeks now, I been having her for about 2 weeks...

Can anyone tell me if she is a Chow Chow or if she is a mix, what kind she is?
She is adorable and loves to play, I think she is teething since she is getting into everything.

They recommended at Petco Natures Best and seems to do fine with it. What is the best food for them, especially like fur?

Can anyone give me some tips o training her or how to go about potty training her, I work all day so in the morning I feed her and let her go outside to do her business but I literally don't get home till 7 pm so she's home alone, I been trying to let her stay in my room but gets into everything. I get home and feed her but she still manages to use it in the house. HELP !!! I have so many questions Ughhhhhhh !

here is a quick pic of her !! First one was about 2 weeks ago, last one is yesterday
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Cindy J
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Re: new puppy, need help !!!

Post by Cindy J » Fri Aug 26, 2016 8:00 am

I believe she is a mix.... Chow mixed with total CUTENESS! (not good at picking out other breeds)

At 8 weeks, there is absolutely no way she can hold it all day. I wonder if you can giver her a designated potty area - with pee pads. A better solution would be to have someone stop in and let her outside a couple times per day. When my puppy was 8 weeks old I was taking her out to potty about every two hours.

Potty training while working is very tough... I am so lucky that I can bring my puppy to work with me. Not sure how I would do it otherwise. Good luck and keep us posted.
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