New chow owner. Any advice is appreciated

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New chow owner. Any advice is appreciated

Postby Nicolemacleod » Mon Mar 02, 2015 1:57 pm

Hi everyone my partner and myself have just brought a gorgeous little chow, which we named bear. He is 12 weeks this week and to my suprise he has settled into our home so well! He always go to the toilet on the paper supplied or outside he has an amazing personality of playfulness and kindness.
He has already learnt to sit before food and when asked.
He has taken well to our ragdoll at home though he doesn't understand that chewing our cats tail isn't a form of playing, what's the best way to stop him biting the cats tail but not stop the bonding and playing between them??
I'm making sure that he interacts with the outside world as much as possible I want him to be comfortable with people outside of the home and with other dogs. He has done well with puppy play dates so far he sits and let's them sniff him and then he jumps around to play with them. Will this continue as he gets older?
He starts puppy school next week so I'm hoping he will enjoy interacting with other puppies of all shapes and sizes
I have 6 nieces and nephews so I'm making sure bear is constantly interacting with them all as I want to feel he is comfortable with them so when my partner and I start a family we know bear will be comfortable to this change. We are first time chow owners and I am constantly reading and researching about them to make sure I am doing everything right and giving him the most of this critical time in his development.
I hope people can give me some pointers or advice for This stage in his life
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This is our little fur baby "bear"
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Re: New chow owner. Any advice is appreciated

Postby ski » Mon Mar 02, 2015 6:04 pm

Sounds like you guys are doing a great job. Bear is quite a handsome chow! Our first chow, Loki, came to us quite unexpectedly as he was homeless and found by our son. I knew absolutely NOTHING about chows. It was all trial and error and lots of love and patience. That was ten years ago and we have since rescued a second chow (black, like Bear). They are both amazingly gentle with our grandson. Enjoy him each and every day.

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