Olly from the Philippines!!!

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Olly from the Philippines!!!

Postby Olly’s Mom » Wed Mar 13, 2019 4:11 am

Hello! It has been years since we’ve had a new dog, and this time, our family decided to get a chow chow, our Olly!

He’s 2 months now and we place him in a crate most of the time because everyone’s busy with their own thing, so we take him out just to play with him for an hour or so. Is this a bad idea? Should we just leave him running around the house instead? He bites everything! From rags, to curtains, to slippers! He also tends to bite our feet or hands when we try to play with him. We say “No!” to him everytime he does that, or place him back in his cage when he doesnt stop. Any advice?

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