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Our Chow Pup

Post by Edgey92 » Fri Jul 24, 2020 1:10 pm

Hi. Iam new to the forum and struggling to talk to anyone about our recent loss of our 8month old cream chow Simba. i just feel that we may have done something wrong and just need someone to explain his illness to me better.

It started off he was being sick daily and off of his food so we took him to the vets to be told he has a upset stomoch , a few more days passed and he was still be sick and completly off his food and didnt want to move much. This time the vets decided to open him up as they thoughy he may have a blockage. After the op we got a phone call to say they had found cancer and after blood tests it turned out to be acute lukemia. ( someone please explain this, what causes it he was only 8months )

We brought him home but unfortunately after a couple of days he completely deteriorated and we made the decision to have him put to sleep. This all happend within 10days.. This all happened back in june. Would he of been born with it?

We are considering purchasing 1 or 2 new pups after christmas if we feel like we are ready to give them a home after loosing our pup. We are planning on going back to the same breeder they are accredited and are lovely people and produce great pups. Are we right in doing this?

Also what are peoples thoughts on 2 pups from the same litter is this a good idea?. We feel 2 pups would be better as we work and used to have to leave our pup for 6hours a day on their own he seemed fine just slept all day on the cameras we had set up but we just feel bad he may of been lonely.

Any advice would be great

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