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my thoughts

Posted: Wed Feb 12, 2020 6:31 pm
by chow315
hi i am back again. i have been reading alot of posts on the board and these are just my thoughts. i have had 7 chows and they are my first first was princess who i had from 5 weeks until 16 years when she died of cancer. she was beautiful and could have been a show dog.

my 2nd was prince i bought him at 8 weeks he was beautiful but had a bad breeder.the vet said to put him down. the breeder had left town. he was an inbred and shook look crazy. the vet said he was not in any pain and was very happy. he died in his sleep at 3 months

3the next was an older deaf chow whose owners had died. he was as sweet as could be lived a couple of years and had to be put down because of old age.

4 the next was yogi a beautiful white purebred chow. he was neuter as a tiny puppy and kept in an apt and not socalized or taken to the vet. by the time he came to live with us he had been through several homes. he was very aggressive and bit until we were bloody most of the time. we had him maybe ayear he got sick and died because the vets could not treat him. with 5 ppl and tranquilizers the vet could not examine him. was put on antiniotics but died in his sleep. he is my example of what can happen not saying will happen if left alone in an apartment and not well socalized. i think it was fear that caused him to bite so chows love and need to be around people.that is how they learn love and safety and boundaries. it is much like leaving a child alone and expecting it to grow up to be a model citizen. it can not be done they need to know they are safe loved and have lmits. i do not think a chow should live in an apt unless the owner is with them 90 percent of the time

5 and 6 were mother and son their owner died and they would have been put down had we not taken them.they were mixed had the mange very badly and severe chronic ear infections.we spent alot of money to get them healthy but they got to be more than our budget could handle. they are at a rescue where they will live out their lives in peace.

7 currently we have a purebred we got from the shelter. he is 7 and a fabulous dog . he had to have eye surgery on 1 of his eyes.he is as sweet as can be and loves our other dog a 16 year old dingo

1 thing about our dogs is they absolutely loved to be outside/ you almost had to force them in.we have a very big fenced yard.with the exception of yogi number 4 all are loving intelligent and playful. they bark when someone comes over. chows are my favorite dog because of the love they give.some were prettier than others some young some old most had all black tongues a few were spotted. that does not matter to me it is the dog itself and the life we share