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Best Food for overweight female Chow

Posted: Wed Oct 23, 2019 6:12 pm
by Gracie
My grand-furbaby Gracie - 9 yo medium size Chow is weighing 72 lbs at last weigh in 2 wks ago. She is overweight. I currently have her for 2 months and want to get her down to a healthy weight {~55 lbs} before she goes back to my son. She's been on Blue rice & turkey, 2 cups a day which I've cut to 1 3/4 to get her started, and walk her 2x/day, 15 minutes each time at most as she's panting. We live in Miami, don't want to overheat her. I keep reading that for her to start loosing weight she has to be on a high calorie diet and would need to eat 4 cups a day. She barely finishes 2 cups. What food type would be best for her to loose weight?