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Itchy puppy - IBD

Posted: Mon Feb 25, 2019 11:10 am
by Princesspeach11
Hi, I’m a new-ish chow chow mum to Barkley who is now 7 months old. He has had an excessive itch from pretty much day 1 (we got him at 11 week old). We’ve tried all the usual things but nothing has worked. Then about a month ago, he had allergy tests done which showed he is pretty much allergic to every type of meat and fish and as a result has inflammatory bowel disease. The vet thinks that’s what’s causing the itch. He particularly gnaws at his back end and it’s quite distressing to watch. He’s been on Royal Canin hypoallergenic food for 3 weeks now on a detox (literally no treats or any other food). The gnawing doesn’t seem to be improving - if anything it seems worse. I am back at the vets with him this week but just wondered if anyone else had had a similar illness or could offer any advice. Am I being too impatient thinking that the itch would have got even slightly better in 3 weeks?