Short hair trim?

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Short hair trim?

Post by MomofTrico » Mon Sep 10, 2018 1:49 pm

Hello fellow Chow Chow owners!

Our pup is 13 months old. We are in love with this guy. He has been a joy and a delight since day 1. We are a family of 4, youngest being 16 so we have lots of adult people to help care for this dog. He gets walked and snuggled on a regular basis.

What I was thinking of - was having his fur trimmed to all 1 length rather than wearing the mane. We brush him and groom him but I still find we miss some matting. Also when we leave him with a kennel during vacations- his collar causes matting that is totally unmanagable when we pick him up.

Most people around here don't have much experience with chows. Based on that, I would like to trim his hair for his sake. He won't be a show dog - just our family member and I feel that would be best for his overall care.

I would love to hear some advice on trimming the hair shorter and all 1 length. Open to feedback. Our groomer is also a chow breeder and was shocked that I would ask such a thing.

Thank you!!

Mom of Trico

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