Im starting to give up on this breed

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Im starting to give up on this breed

Post by Phoenix » Mon Jul 09, 2018 6:09 am

just to clarify I'm not a new dog owner, I had dogs since I was a kid, either way, I decided to buy a chow chow dog and I'm starting to regret it
My dog name is Jessica, female, 5 months old
She listens to my commands only if she feels like it if she doesn't like to do something she won't
I try to punish her by isolation her, but it doesn't work, I yelled at her few times and it worked, but I don't like to yell, it's useless in the long run, so I try to avoid it and save it for emergencies cases and she doesn't even care, I use calm voice with her all the time, but when I say "tch tch" she knows she' doing something wrong and stop, but and she doesn't listen always, only if she feels like it,
I train her twice a day, 15 minutes each session (Yes she listen and only if she's hungry or I have meat) if I don't, she won't listen
she used to follow me, now she doesn't leave my room, she cares only about herself in the air conditioner
two months now of consistent training, calm and assertive, if I get mad, I leave the room, take a breather and come back calm, but this dog is so stubborn, it's useless
another dog I had which died of disease, unfortunately, in two months, I already had 7 commands mastered and was a caring dog, once I open the door, he was always the first to get up and wait for me to take him out
this dog I have to beg him to take him for a walk, she won't poop in the walks either, she poops only in the yard, last time I feed her, after 30 minutes, took her on 2 hours walk, and she didn't poop, we get to the yard, she poops (most of my walks are between 20-30 minutes though) that case was special
I'm looking for help, if it doesn't work, my last resolve would giving up on this dog, I know if I give it to friends, they won't handle it, so I was thinking of giving it to shelter and hope someone adopts her
in short, the dog won't listen to me

Hsot chows
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Re: Im starting to give up on this breed

Post by Hsot chows » Sun Jul 22, 2018 6:05 pm

Your Chow is just being a Chow. They are naturally stubborn and are notorious for their strange bathroom habits.
I have had Chows hold it for days at a show away from home only to go immediately once home.Chows love air conditioning.
Totally normal Chow behavior.

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Re: Im starting to give up on this breed

Post by chloeann2327 » Wed Nov 07, 2018 4:52 pm

Since all these guys & gals are extremely sensitive as well as stubborn I would consider yoga and meditation for you--I think she is stressed out by your anxiety--I know because my husband is the same way--WE ALL HAVE TO CHILL

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