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Howdy from Texas

Postby Qz_Sioux » Sat May 26, 2018 10:17 am

I am new to this forum, but not new to Chow Chows. We currently have 4 and maybe welcoming a 5th soon. We also have Border Collies, but this is a Chow Chow forum, so I'll keep it to the Chows.

I have loved Chows since I was a kid, and my mother would NEVER allow me to have one "because they are aggressive, will turn on you and attack you, and I will NOT ever own an aggressive dog". As soon as I was independent, and living with my husband, I got my/our first Chow. I quickly learned that they are very independent at a very early age. They need to start training IMMEDIATELY after picking them up from the breeder/previous owner. That as long as you treat them as a member of your pack, with you being the alpha, and with respect, they will love you to the ends of the earth!

Our first Chow, Shebah, was a charm! She was the sweetest dog (to everyone), most loving (to everyone) and obedient Chow we have ever owned. She loved being brushed, and would bring you her brush when she wanted you to give her that "personal" attention. My mom fell in LOVE with her :wink: .

I do not recommend this breed to everyone. I do recommend that everyone wanting one to research this breed BEFORE getting one. Meet them as much as possible and not just the ones you see at dog shows! Dog show dogs HAVE to be calm and accepting of strange people touching/petting them, and this goes for ANY breed! New, prospective owners need to really think about the breeds "aloofness" and independent traits.

Okay, so I'll stop rambling. I love my/our Chows and look forward to learn even more from other Chow owners and hope that I can give some input from my own personal experiences.

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