New chow owner and long road home question

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New chow owner and long road home question

Postby Dagus10 » Wed Mar 07, 2018 11:48 pm

Welcome everybody!

First, sorry for my English, I might make some mistakes as I am not a native speaker ;)
I have just got my first Chow Chow Ziggy! I was waiting planning it for a long time as I fell in love with my friends Chows a while ago.

We got her from my breeder friend but unfortunately he lives in Poland and we live in Germany. It was very easy to organise for me as I have family here but due to the German law I needed to leave her with my mum for two weeks before I came here. There are some requirements for rabies vaccination and quarantinee so I she needed to be 15 weeks when I take her home. Anyway, I am here now for a week with her. I was very scared that she will hate me but she seems allright. I am spending every minute with her and even when I took her for a short trip to see my friend she was very comfortable, even in a car. She listens very well and is super friendly to other dogs but I am still so scared she will be unhappy when I take her. The problem is we have a German Sheppard here and they love to play together (he is makimg her dirty all the time and she's a white chow so I am very frustrated haha)... she will probably be upset he is not around anymore. I am very scared of this 7h trip home with her and how she will react when we are there. Has anyone been in a situation like that? I have searched the Internet but couldnt find anything! Maybe some of you that are experienced with chow chows and dogs in general and givee some advise to make it easier on her. I knew it was a bad idea to keep her here inbetween homes but there was really no choice. I didnt want to have any police issues and can't imagine vaccinating her too early! I think it is still very early 12 weeks but according to law it is necessary.

I would be very grateful for some help.

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